find the essence of you in the subtle elegance of skincare and cold processed soaps.

About Us

Catarina Craft was a dream made into reality by the support of an amazing husband and family. Our journey began with my own skin issues that plagued me well into adulthood. As a result I became obsessed with anything and everything skincare related. My skincare obsession led to a career as an esthetician and continued more recently as a Family and Consumer Science teacher. During my tenure as a high school teacher, I had the pleasure of educating students on the physical, biological and chemical makeup of food and their effects on the body and skin. Marrying the knowledge from both careers, Catarina Craft was born.

Driven by a personal journey of overcoming skin challenges I began to start formulating my own natural skin care products. As a result, my skin improved to the point where no one could tell I had battle cystic acne for most of my life.

At Catarina Craft we blend expertise in esthetics and education to craft products that nurture skin health and well-being. We believe in the transformative power of natural skincare rooted in science and sustainability. Our commitment to purity extends beyond ingredients to ethical sourcing and eco-conscious practices, ensuring that every product honors both the body and the planet.